I’m based in the suburbs of the vibrant city of Cape Town, South Africa, and I love designing spaces that make you feel right at home.

My training in architecture means that I bring a comprehensive, integrated perspective to my projects. It was in the studios of Jane Visser and Mark Thomas Architects that I was captivated by the possibilities of interiors and the way they tell a story. There I saw firsthand the synergy that comes about when an interior designer is able to be part of the process from the beginning.

“Janetta has multiple skills in the decorating and interiors environment, along with an excellent knowledge of how buildings are put together. She has a great work ethic, a fine sense of humour and an enthusiasm for life.”

~ Mark, Mark Thomas Architects

I complete every single project with you in mind; I don’t impose my style, but listen to your vision and requirements. And, with projects where there is a little more free rein, then I consider the spaces themselves, from the natural environment outdoors to the surface textures inside.

“We were very impressed with the thorough manner in which Janetta noted every aspect and object that we were specific about. She took great care to source and incorporate these aspects, and she added some clever ideas and fun elements which made all the difference!”

~ Elmien and Hillie

I have a deep sense of satisfaction every time I hand over a space to a client and see the joy on their faces. Moments like these make me profoundly grateful that I enjoy what I do.

“It is a pleasure working with Janetta for many reasons: her architectural background has given her a deep understanding of how buildings are put together, the sequence of trades and the need for timeous drawings; she brings her interior design flair to her freelance work in designing joinery and bathrooms, for instance; she is professional and clear in her work, intelligent and meticulous; and her interiors are achieved with great respect for the budget, the clients, a highly practical approach and yet pleasantly surprise one with delight!”

~ Jane, Jane Visser Architects


  • “Janetta engineered, completed and finished the whole interior project seamlessly. The full operation, from A – Z, was handled with dedication and total competence. We will always recommend Janetta’s services without a moment’s hesitation!”

    – Elmien and Hillie

  • “Janetta works independently, has great ideas and always ensures that the client gets what they were expecting. She is an absolute star.”

    – Riaan

  • “Janetta managed the entire project professionally from start to finish and within our budget.”

    –  Alvin

  • “We needed someone we could completely trust to bring our beach house to life. Janetta worked closely with our Cape Town-based architects and ourselves to deliver the most amazing, relaxed and enjoyable beach house. If we had to do this again, I would call her up without hesitation. She is an absolute star.”

    – Alvin

  • “Janetta showed sensitive insight and a clear understanding of our brief, regarding the interior requirements, as well as the practical needs of the family.”

    – Elmien and Hillie

  • “Janetta was responsible for the interior design (design, purchasing and installation) of our holiday home in Springerbaai. I was thoroughly impressed with all aspects of her work. I am very happy to strongly recommend Janetta to anyone interested in top quality work.”

    – Riaan